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Maneuverability, reliability and maximum working comfort.

Maneuverability, reliability and maximum working comfort make the HUSKY the ideal tool. Thanks to its compact size, the HUSKY can be used anywhere and is particularly suited to the preparation of small pistes and practice runs as well as cross-country trails. Equipped with a particle filter, it's perfect for your indoor ski venue!

Efficiency has priority

Maximum performance at minimal cost The HUSKY consumes less fuel than its enormous power would lead you to believe. You save on everything from fuel to high-wear parts. Longer maintenance intervals cut service costs. This allows optimal piste quality to be achieved at maximum speed. The HUSKY helps you to cut costs!



The world's first snow groomer with a diesel-electric drive

With the Husky E-Motion, PRINOTH is investing in diesel-electric solutions which are fully operational, suitable for everyday use and replace hydrostatic drive systems. In this way, we can increase the available performance and torque of the drive gear while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption by up to 20%!

The combination of electronic drive, particle filter and biologically-degradable oils make the Husky E-Motion ideal not only for outdoor use, but indoors as well.


Using sustainable technologies and efficient snow groomers, PRINOTH is playing its part in making snow grooming more environmentally-friendly. We not only save time and money, we also reduce emissions. More >>