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No. 1 in Park Building

Being extremely maneuverable, even on the steepest terrain, the Bison X masters the tightest curves and the most demanding jumps in every fun park. The maneuverability of the blade and the cutter allow the creation of sophisticated shapes when designing a park. The blade has a working area of 127° and the tiller can move through 151°. Operators can easily construct and maintain perfect pistes using the joystick. The Bison X combines high performance with reduced maintenance costs and low fuel consumption.


BISON XPT - For Best Park Building Performance

Developed with the world-renowned park construction pros from Snow Park Technologies (SPT), the BISON XPT boasts functions and features offering new possibilities for fun park preparation.

  • Improved gearing for more push performance
  • Optimized operation of the blade and tiller
  • Inclinometer and digital measurement device for increased precision in park design
  • 110 V power inverter for grinders, saws, compressors and other electrical tools with optional tool mount for the installation of other equipment
  • Improved suspension for increased operating comfort
  • Premium sound system with external speakers

Interactive presentation BISON X


From winter 2015 on, the NEW BISON & NEW BISON X will be available. More information about the NEW BISON / NEW BISON X